Dr. James Starr

Pediatric Services

We generally see patients every six months for recall visits. The recall appointment involves a head and neck examination, assessment of your child's oral hygiene and a dental examination. Your child will be taught proper tooth brushing. As well, we will discuss your child's diet from a cavity prevention viewpoint. Your child's teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and a fluoride treatment applied. Dr. Starr will assess your child's orthodontic development at each recall visit and any current or future orthodontic problems are discussed. Dental x-rays are only taken when necessary and only after consultation with the parent.

Our practice utilizes the most current infection control measures. Every instrument or hand piece that touches your child's mouth has been sterilized. Pit and fissure sealants have had a major impact on the prevention of cavities in our patient's teeth. Sealants are clear coatings that are bonded to the biting surfaces of the permanent molars at about the age of six years. This technique has been shown to be highly effective at preventing pit and fissure cavities. Dr. Starr will recommend this procedure for your child if it is required.

A very important time in your child's dental development is the mixed dentition stage. The mixed dentition stage occurs between the ages of six to twelve years and is the time when your child's primary teeth are being replaced by their permanent teeth. During this stage, our office is able to identify and treat many orthodontic problems. Early treatment of orthodontic problems can often reduce or eliminate the need for major orthodontic treatment. Early treatment of our mixed dentition patients provides a valuable and cost effective service resulting in functional, esthetic, and stable permanent teeth.

Accidents and dental trauma are a common occurrence with children. Dr. Starr provides after hours emergency care for all his patients. We our always pleased to welcome new children of any age to our practice. Our friendly staff will be happy to speak to you regarding a first visit. Please call us at 519-974-5985.