Dr. James Starr



Our goal for your child’s first visit to our office is to introduce your child to oral health care in a positive, non-threatening manner. We want your child to look forward to coming to our office, and strive to make their visit as much “fun” as possible. Our experienced and highly skilled office personnel routinely use a Tell-Show-Do technique to introduce your child to the dental environment and positive reinforcement to help teach your child how to be relaxed and cooperative in the dental chair. Below are several questions that you may have before your first visit.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or credit card after the completion of your child's visit. If you have dental insurance, our staff will submit your claim electronically to your insurance company, and your company will reimburse you to the extent of their liability. If your child has any treatment needs (cavities, orthodontic etc.), we will provide you with a detailed estimate, and an insurance predetermination before any treatment is initiated.

What happens if my child has a dental emergency?

The policy of the office is to have the parent bring their child that is having an emergency to our office at their earliest convenience. We always make room in our daily schedule to see patients that are experiencing discomfort as soon as possible. If the problem occurs after office hours, please call the office number for recorded instructions.

My child's teeth are not growing in straight. What can be done?

Dr. Starr has extensive training and experience in dental development, tooth guidance, and orthodontics. There are many minor procedures that can be done as your child's new teeth erupt to prevent major problems when they are older. Between the ages of 6-12 years is when the baby teeth are lost and they are replaced by the adult teeth. This is a very important period for your child's tooth development to be professionally supervised.